1v1 – Solo Battle: Finding My Voice (2019)

1v1 – Solo Battle: Finding My Voice (2019) is an exploratory performance within an interactive video installation to engage with personal dance practice videos and archived YouTube b-girl battle footage using LED gloves and snap bands. Through my performance, I question my identity within breaking culture as a female dancer while attempting to understand my passion and goals for this dance.



Toronto B-girls (2018)

Toronto B-girls (2018) is a documentary presented as an installation that highlights the experiences of three different b-girls within ‘breaking’ culture. It is a synced three-channel video projection wherein the voices of the subjects are amplified using a 5.1 surround sound system.



CUNTerattack (2018)

Artist statement and references can be found here.



Consequential Movement I & II (2016 - 2018)

Consequential Movement I (2016)

One of the many concepts in breaking that I like to keep in mind is the concept of consequential movement where an initial movement causes another movement (i.e. a swinging leg causing the other leg to swing as well). In a simple mechanism, an action needs to be initiated for the rest mechanism to work. These simple movements have the possibility of becoming an intricate, complex system. Consequential Movement (2016) is an exploration of translating an idea from breaking onto a new form and continuing this pattern to pave avenues for new creations.

Consequential Movement II (2018)

Consequential Movement II (2018) as a machine is a fruit of my continued research on the concept of Consequential Movement or the idea of deconstructing systems to provide new pathways for more creations. It began by observing the phenomenon of cause and effect within a collection of body movements that has transformed into a completely different, yet very similar form - different visually, but similar theoretically. Our bodies are made of several components each very important to activate the cybernetic mechanism within us. By recognizing this similarity, we open ourselves to a whole new variety of possibilities and knowledge within art, technology, and the world.



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